Videogame based on a legend of the Argentine northwest

The "Legend of Familiar" is a story rooted in the population of northern Argentina, more precisely in the areas of Tucumán, Jujuy and Salta. Some argue that this is actually a myth and not a legend, but the truth is that has been passed from generation to generation, sometimes frightening or serving as inspiration in other cases.

The Legend in game

This legend has multiple interpretations about its origin. To know more click here ( but only spanish version). The legend is in short about an evil and diabolical dog that attacked workers harvest (crop of sugarcane), always taking the most "rebellious" worker. this legend unfolds while real murders and persecutions occurred at different time periods to workers in the area. This video game in 2015 makes its official debut in installation format, in GameOn! el arte en juego. Familiar was selected with the Bicentennial Scholarship for Creation 2016, the National Endowment for the Arts Argentina


Original Sound Tracks recorded in Cebolla de vidrio studio.Más data en follow me on facebook

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